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HOW DO I GET A COPY OF A POLICE REPORT? Incident reports and accident reports are usually ready within 5 business days and are $10.00. If you have any questions you can contact the Sheriff's Dept Monday through Friday at 870-448-2340

HOW DO I ADD INFORMATION TO MY POLICE REPORT? Information can be added to your report by contacting the Deputy that took the report at 870-448-2340. 

CAN I FILE A POLICE REPORT ON LINE? Yes. Visit the 'Patrol' page on the website and follow directions listed on that page. 


WHO DO I CONTACT WITH QUESTIONS ON SUBPOENAS OR SUMMONS OR WRITS OF EXECUTIONS?  You may contact our Dept at 870-448-2340 during business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

CAN YOU HELP ME GET MY PROPERTY BACK FROM MY OLD ROOMMATE, HUSBAND, OR WIFE? This is considered a civil matter between you and your roommate, husband or wife. The Sheriff's Dept. CANNOT get involved in these matters unless we are directed to do so through a court order signed by a judge. All civil matters are handled through district or circuit courts. Please consult an attorney in these matters.

HOW DO I EVICT SOMEONE? You MUST serve someone with a legal order of eviction, giving that person a minimum of 10 days to remove themselves and their possessions from the property. These notices must comply with Arkansas Statutes. Please consult an attorney in these matters.


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A NO CONTACT ORDER AND AN ORDER OF PROTECTION? A No Contact Order is issued by a judge directly following a violent crime in order to protect the victim of violence for the duration of the court case. An Order of Protection is granted strictly for cohabitants and must be "petitioned" for through the courts. For more information about how to obtain an order of protection you can contact the Searcy County Clerks office at 870-448-3807


DOES SEARCY COUNTY HAVE AN ANIMAL CONTROL ORDINANCE AND/OR LEASH LAW? No. The unincorporated areas of the county currently do not have a leash law.

MY NEIGHBOR'S DOG BARKS ALL NIGHT, WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT? Typically if you report that your neighbor's dog keeps you awake all night we will attempt to make a courtesy contact with the neighbor and ask them to help with the situation. Please keep in mind that there is no law against the dog barking all night. Hopefully your neighbor is courteous and willing to work with us to alleviate the situation. 


WHERE CAN I GET INFORMATION ABOUT MY TRAFFIC CITATION? Information regarding court dates, the price of a ticket, questions regarding the amount of any fine or how to keep a ticket off of your driving record can be obtained by calling the District Court Monday through Friday during business hours at 870-448-5411.

HOW DO I FIND OUT IF I HAVE A WARRANT AND IF I HAVE ONE WHAT DO I DO? You can contact the Sheriff's Dept at 870-448-2340 or you can visit our website . If you have a warrant come see us, we want to clear the warrant out of our system as badly as you want to get rid of it. We will work with you on payment, meaning we may take a partial payment on your warrant, serve it on you and give you a court date. We would rather do this than put you in jail. Call us to make arrangements.

HOW DO I FIND OUT HOW MUCH MY WARRANT IS? Contact the Sheriff's Dept 870-448-2340


HOW CAN I FIND OUT IF A SEX OFFENDER LIVES IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD? Sex offenders who live in the unincorporated areas of the county are required by law to register with the Sheriff's Dept. On certain levels of registered sex offenders, the Sheriff's Dept. will notify the residents in the neighborhood in which the offender lives. You can search and register for updates online by checking online at and if you have any further questions you can contact Chief Deputy Ragland at 870-448-2340 during the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

WHEN IS MY CHILD REQUIRED TO BE IN A CAR SEAT? Arkansas laws require that a child under six (6) year of age or sixty (60) pounds shall be restrained in a child passenger safety seat properly secured to the vehicle. Any child over six (6) and under fifteen (15) years of age must be secured in a seat belt. 

HOW DO I GET A COPY OF MY DRIVING RECORD? For questions regarding your driving record please contact driver control at 1-800-662-8247.

HOW CAN I FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST AN EMPLOYEE OF THE SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT? You have to speak with the Sheriff or Chief Deputy at 870-448-2340 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and they will take the information from you.

IS THERE A NOISE ORDINANCE? NO. The unincorporated areas of the county currently do not have a noise ordinance.

CAN THE SHERIFF'S DEPT. JUMP START MY CAR? Yes, depending on the circumstances. Some deputies carry their own jumper cables and some do not. If you have your own jumper cables we will help. 

WILL THE SHERIFF'S DEPT.  UNLOCK MY CAR IF I LOCK MY KEYS INSIDE OF THEM? NO. Due to liability issues the Sheriff's Dept will not unlock car doors. 

IS THE SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT HIRING? When a job opportunity arises, they will be published on the Searcy County Sheriff's website. If you apply for a job, your application will stay valid for 1 year, and you must re apply if you have not been called for an interview within that time frame.

HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO INSURE MY VEHICLE? You have 30 days to tag your vehicle. Your vehicle should be insured immediately after purchase to abide with Arkansas State laws. If you have further questions regarding your insurance you should contact your insurance company.

CAN I GO ON A RIDE ALONG? The Searcy County Sheriff's Dept. does not offer a ride along program.

I HAVE INFORMATION THAT I WANT TO PASS ALONG BUT I DON'T WANT MY NAME KNOWN. you can e-mail us using the link on our home page or call 870-448-2340. Please rest assured we will not try to contact you back or trace your number or address. Thank you in advance for any information.

I KNOW A PERSON WHO IS A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER AND THAT PERSON LIVES IN SEARCY COUNTY, WHY IS THAT PERSON NOT LISTED AS A SEX OFFENDER ON YOUR WEBSITE? State law allows level 2 through level 4 offenders to be listed on sites like ours. A level 2 can only be listed if the offender is over 18 years of age and the victim was under 14. This means no level 1 and only certain level 2's can be listed on our website. Also, a person, once convicted, goes through a state ordered assessment, which attempts to determine the offenders likelihood of re-offending. To answer your question more clearly, there are three reasons the person you know is not listed (1) The person is a level 1 and cannot be listed, (2) The person is a level 2 that cannot be listed, or (3) The person was recently convicted and has not completed the state assessment that assigns them an offender level. (assessments after conviction usually take approximately six months)