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Jail Roster

Searcy County Jail Roster as of 2/6/2020

4:37 PM



Ayers,Bradley 36 10.14.19

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Crumley, Latisha 32 1.19.2020

Poss of Cont Subs

Evans, Benjamin 46 1.18.2020

Theft by Receiving

Fletcher, Jesse 42 12.19.19

Failure to Appear

Fuentes, Crystal 38 12.3.2019

Poss. of Cont Subs (F), Poss of Drug Para (F) 

Harness,Billy 56 11.01.19 Felony Failure to Appear
Hill,Charles 62 04.09.19 309
Hogue,Ronnie 68 04.24.19 Negligent Homicide 
Horton, James c 28 1.29.2020 Firearm by Certain Person
Jeter,Britany 28 09.12.19 Negligent Homicide
Little,Jacob 27 07.20.19 Criminal Trespass
Manning,Jonathon 30 10.30.19 Failure to Appear/ Felony Firearms Charges
Martinez, Jose 50 12.31.2019 I.C.E Hold, Poss of Cont Subs
Martin, Timothy 44 1.21.2020 Probation Hold
McManus, Michael 44 12.27.2019 FTA
Middleton, Shane 33 12.4.2019 Theft of Property
Pettry,Nick 24 11.22.19 Domestic Battery 2nd 
Phillips, Jessica 35


Theft by Receiving
Russell, Michael 39


Child Support
Snow,Joshua 24


Parole and Probation Hold 
Sutterfield, Arlis 49


Probation Revocation
Tilley, James 42 2.3.2020 Failure to Appear
Treat, Ryan 23 12.3.2019 Parole Violation
Villalobos, Daniel 32 1.16.20 Poss of Cont Subs
Watts, Mandy 44 1.20.2020 Failure To Appear
Williams, Nicole R 38 2.5.2020 Poss of Cont. Subs
Wyatt,Rowland 64 08.07.19 Battery
Zwolle,Blake 20 11.21.19 FTA

For updated court information on inmates who are incarcerated on felony charges you can visit:


For updated court information on inmates who are incarcerated on misdemeanor charges you can call the District Court office at 870-448-5411 Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM




Victim Services


Arkansas Victim Notification Program

In 1997, in response to the need for victims of crime to be informed, the Arkansas Legislature passed Act 1262, which requires victim notification of changes in an offenders’ custody status. In order to accomplish these notifications, legislation authorized the establishment of an automated system. This system is known as the Arkansas VINE program. The Arkansas VINE program is a free automated hotline that provides crime victims with information and notification 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

To register with ARKANSAS STATE WIDE VINE PROGRAM call 1-800-510-0415 or visit the website at

General Features

  • Use of the Arkansas VINE Program is free to crime victims.
  • The Arkansas VINE Program will call you automatically if an inmate is released, is transferred, escapes or dies.
  • All telephone registrations through the Arkansas VINE Program are anonymous. You will have a special PIN to access the system.
  • You may register more than one telephone number. Use the same PIN for each registration.
  • The VINE system calls every 30 minutes for a 24 hour period. If you are not home when the VINE system calls with a notification, the service will leave a message and call back every two hours for a 24 hour period
  • You may call the Arkansas VINE Program as often as you want from any touch-tone telephone to check on an offender's custody and court status.

This service allows crime victims to access inmate information and to register for notification of inmate release. Access to this data is available by using any touch-tone telephone. By entering the Arrest Tracking Number, ADC Number, or the offender's last name, the victim can find out if the offender is in custody, and be given the name and contact number of the custodial agency along with the parole eligibility date and sentence expiration date. Registration for notification is also available by using a touch-tone telephone. Once registered, the VINE system will notify the victim of changes in custody status as listed below. The system will call a registered victim every 30 minutes for 24 hours or until the victim confirms the notification by entering the correct PIN (Personal Identification Number) code.